Leather Industry in Bangladesh: A Systematic Literature Review


  • Wahiduzzaman Khan Asian University of Bangladesh
  • Md. Ekram Hossin Self Researcher
  • Md. Jamshed Akbor NICL Properties & Developers Ltd.




Leather Industry, Bangladesh, Leather Export


There has been a moderate number of research works, published and unpublished, relating to the broader field of leather industry in Bangladesh. Research on and for the leather industry has undoubtedly grown-up in contemporary years. The existing socio-economic condition of Bangladesh provides an encouraging prospect for leather Industry. It attracted many economists, environmentalists and technical persons to do research works regarding various aspects of this sector. This study makes a humble attempt to present a brief review of the existing relevant literature on the leather industry of Bangladesh.


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Author Biographies

Wahiduzzaman Khan, Asian University of Bangladesh

Assistant Professor, School of Business, Asian University of Bangladesh, BANGLADESH

Md. Ekram Hossin, Self Researcher

Self Researcher, Dhaka, BANGLADESH

Md. Jamshed Akbor, NICL Properties & Developers Ltd.

Managing Director, NICL Properties & Developers Ltd., BANGLADESH


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