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Asian Business Review welcomes articles that deal with nations and societies in the Asian region, namely those in East Asia and South-East Asia, including those in APEC and ASEAN, individually or comparatively. The journal's definition of Asia in principle encompasses all economies from the Arab Peninsula eastward to Japan but welcomes perspectives from other regions (African, American, etc.) of the world that enhance our knowledge in this area.

ISSN: 2304-2613 (Print) E-ISSN: 2305-8730 (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Asian bus. rev.
3 issues per year
Review System: Double Blind Peer Review
Publisher: Asian Business Consortium

History. The Asian Business Review has been published since 2012. 

Peer-review. The journal uses double-blind peer review (neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other) to avoid bias. See more information <Peer Review>. Asian Business Review complies with the Committee on Publication Ethics Guidelines for Peer Reviewers which provides a comprehensive guide to the ethics of peer review. See more information <Guidelines for Reviewers>. 

Journal policies. The journal provides its’ policies, which include detailed information about submission, editorial, and publishing processes and guidelines for authors and reviewers. All parties are being introduced with their rights and responsibilities to ensure a smooth and ethical publishing process. See more information <Journal Policies>

Fees and Charges. The journal operates as an open-access journal, the publishing process is covered by Article Publication Charges (APCs). See more information <Fees and Charges>

Publication schedule. The journal publishes articles online under CC-BY-NC license 4.0 within six weeks after acceptance as a continuous publication to avoid any delays. For those who are willing to have a printed version of the journal, there is an option to subscribe to the printed edition. See more information <Guidelines for Subscribers>

Copyright. Individual articles are published Open Access under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which permits an exclusive noncommercial reuse license by the author(s), but the author(s) are able to put the paper onto a website, distribute it to colleagues, give it to students, use it in your thesis, etc, so long as the use is not directed at commercial advantage or toward private monetary gain. Publishing paper in this journal means that the author or authors retain the copyright in the paper.


The journal is published by Asian Business Consortium, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Asian Business Consortium complies with the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing at all stages of the publication process.