A Framework on Internet Banking Services for the Rationalized Generations


  • Md. Rahimullah Miah Leading University




Internet Banking, Currency Converter, Perception, Rationalized and Technological Arena


The augmented Internet Banking Service is increasingly popular both in Bangladesh and elsewhere. This paper explores a predicted framework for global Internet Banking that emphasizes the transformative interaction among the effective customers around the regional, national and global banking indicating advanced on backend models, instructional strategies, and transaction technologies in the context on upcoming generations. We have to develop the framework on global enhanced transaction systems especially individual global account, effective online banking systems to fulfill the required method, implementing design and appraising the feedback with standard technology according to network topology for disseminating of global banking technological arena. Despite decades of development, electronic payments still need practical examples of how to use electronic payment technology within a uniqueness and rationalized way including global electronic transaction, language tools, currency converter and electronic workstation. This research focuses the major issues responsible for Internet Banking based on respondents’ perception through various internet applications. The author presents a theoretical framework for our represented method, taking into account previous models and characteristics of an effective Internet Banking Security. In addition, we illustrate the global technology that we have to expand and execute among the customers’ satisfaction within the expected model. We follow this with an evaluation of achievement, both in the global banking implementation and the amplitude framework according to periodical requirements. Finally, we focus highly developed research trajectories of the model and recommendations for how to further avail the internet banking subscribers to design more secure alternatives.

JEL Classification Code:  G29


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Author Biography

Md. Rahimullah Miah, Leading University

Lecturer in MIS, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh


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