A Novel Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System Using Arduino

  • Abdullah H. Y. Alquhali Multimedia University
  • Mardeni Bin Roslee Multimedia University
Keywords: Global Positioning System (GPS), ThingSpeak, Global System for Mobile


With the rapid increase in advancement in the world of technology, it has become highly important to the people to have the flexibility to monitor and control their physical property as well as personal data. Although physical transportation systems have made it easier for people to travel, it has also become a hazard in several ways. Therefore, a real-time tracking device has been designed in this project to cater to the issues of monitoring of vehicles. In this paper, we developed a system using Arduino Uno R3, Global System for Mobile (GSM) device and Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the exact and accurate position of the vehicle at a location. Arduino IDE software is utilized to code the Arduino Uno R3 and its microcontroller. The system is also equipped with display facilities to show the information to the user. The latitude and longitude of the vehicle’s location are displayed on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Furthermore, two software is utilized to display the data. ThingSpeak was used to display the trend of the vehicle’s motion by using charts of latitude and longitude, and Freeboard is utilized to display the same information in the form of a map. This map could easily be read by the user to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle at any given time. It will be highly useful to monitor the exact locations of the delivery vehicle used by food-related businesses. Finally, by having latitude and longitude, users can successfully track their vehicle location on electronic maps using internet. Thus, the entire system has been tested thoroughly in real time and it is said to function successfully in helping users to locate their vehicles in the event of a theft.


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Author Biographies

Abdullah H. Y. Alquhali, Multimedia University

Centre for Wireless Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University, MALAYSIA

Mardeni Bin Roslee, Multimedia University

Centre for Wireless Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University, MALAYSIA


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Alquhali, A. H. Y., & Roslee, M. B. (2018). A Novel Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System Using Arduino. Engineering International, 6(2), 93-106. https://doi.org/10.18034/ei.v6i2.228
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