Innovations of Housing Finance Systems and the Implication in Bangladesh – A Categorical Study on Financial Markets


  • Sanjoy Pal University of Dhaka
  • Mohammad Sharif Hossain Uttara University



Evolution of house financing, Mortgage lending, Mortgage intermediaries, Mortgage finance industry, Bangladesh


An evolution in the system of investment and fi nance, is being seen everywhere not only in the emerging economy but also in the economy of developing countries including Bangladesh, is housing investment. A feature by its nature is a long term investment arena that requires cash or cash equivalent to grab the real asset legally. Now a country with a lot of human resources like Bangladesh is under the frustration raised by the security investment which just is going to crash down the probable site of investment by its negative feedback. Now housing investment is the last resort of investment that gives reasonable outcome and that’s why it is exigent to analyzing the framework of housing fi nance system in Bangladesh. This paper addresses the parley relating to the fi nancial system and the sources of housing fi nance in the commercial sector of Bangladesh. A group of model here represents the developing scenario of real estate fi nancing and how to assure of the sources of fi nance, how to get the services provided by the fi nancial institutions and overall, to measure the results according to market transparency.


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Author Biographies

Sanjoy Pal, University of Dhaka

MBA, Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohammad Sharif Hossain, Uttara University

Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Business Administration, Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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